Visual Intelligence for
Visual Professionals

ZVI is revolutionizing the way ML is integrated into applications. Reducing what was once a massive and risky development effort into a few lines of code. Choose best-in-class algorithms from major vendors and then simply integrate results into your workflow to quickly build an integrated solution to solve a multitude of problems.
Data Ingest

Import massive amounts of media from major cloud storage providers and manage the process with a robust processing queue.

Data Preparation

Transcode media into multiple proxy files that conform to the specs required by ML providers

ML Lifecycle

Label, Train, and Deploy
best-in-class ML models.

Apply ML & Store Metadata

Run ML models on your media files and store the resulting metadata in standardized schemas.

Search Metadata

Metadata is stored in an Elasticsearch® database extended with proprietary plug-ins offering powerful search.

Data Visualization

Visual tools for browsing, searching and understanding your ML results and media.

ZVI Machine Learning Platform
Leverage ML from Major Providers

Easily choose and mix machine learning algorithms from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Clarifai and more. 

Integrate with Industry Standard & Custom Apps

With unified ML outputs, ZVI's APIs are all that is needed to integrate results into day-to-day applications.

Introduction to the ZVI Console
Ways Customers Use ZVI
Utilize Stock Footage

Detect and label objects, scenes
and more to find the right shots.

Find Explicit Content

Search OCR, speech-to-text, and content moderation analyses.

Review for Fair Use

Comply with contractual obligations
by using celebrity recognition and
logo detection.

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Founded in 2014, Zorroa's technology team brings over 100 years of experience and innovation in some of the most challenging projects in the media industry. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s early stage AI fund, and Iron Mountain.

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