Media and Entertainment

From Big Screen to Big Data

Helping organizations understand and monetize massive collections of visual assets

With a combined 280 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry, Zorroa’s team provides users an added layer of monetizable business intelligence to their digital content. Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI) enables users to organize, search, and find the assets they need in an intuitive interface with no technical training.

Companies with millions of images and video assets hold enormous value in their unstructured data, much of which remains untapped because extracting this value is reliant on employees’ time and memory. With ZVI, anyone interested in finding specific content can execute advanced unstructured discovery on all their assets, providing the user with a unified view of results in a matter of seconds. For example, if an editor is looking for a specific effect for a movie, they can decide to invest two to three weeks to recreate it—or search for one they already have. With ZVI, the editor can use visual cues to search and instantly find every available option for that type of effect.

Zorroa’s flexibility allows users to leverage multiple machine learning tools, including facial recognition, natural language processing, and optical character recognition to enrich their search. ZVI can apply these tools wherever the assets are already stored—on premise, in the cloud, or in a production tracking software like Shotgun. Zorroa’s plug-and-play architecture gives users access to the best-in-class algorithms and a future-proof investment in machine learning. As more content is analyzed and automatically organized, ZVI learns more about an organization and its assets. Metadata automatically generated during this process makes the assets more usable and monetizable to all relevant departments in an organization.