Zorroa Case Studies

See Zorroa in action. 

Zorroa's flexibility allows the platform to be deployed across any industry. Check out our film and oil and gas case studies to see the difference Zorroa makes with a simple change to our visual analysis pipeline.

By coordinating multiple machine learning algorithms, integrating with structured databases, and performing client-specific image analysis you'll get the information you need from you data, not just generic results.  

Film Industry


Client needed to complete a specific video search—it took 27 man-hours to complete the request.

With Zorroa, the same task took 3 minutes.

Footage courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

Oil & Gas Industry


Client needed to complete a M&A valuation with untagged images and PDFs. It took 3 months and they were only able to complete 10% data coverage.

With Zorroa, the same task took 1 month with 90% data coverage.

Footage courtesy of Common Data Access Limited. 

What can Zorroa do for your industry?

Zorroa is designed to tailor itself to your industry. Need video clipping, similar image search, document categorization, or handwriting search? Zorroa has you covered.

Get the most advanced AI platform to work with your data where it already lives.