Mine and Explore Your Own Data Repository

Analyze all your proprietary unstructured data to make better business decisions

Zorroa’s established domain expertise in the analysis of visual assets is now enabling oil and gas companies to make better, faster decisions, and dramatically reduce the time and cost of asset discovery. Through the use of Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI), companies can maximize the value of their unstructured data automatically and access it through a single-view browser interface.

It is ideal for geologists, geophysicists, and analysts to consider every piece of data available when making critical decisions. In many cases, companies own a wealth of visual assets in dark, legacy data files accumulated over decades which are impossible to manually analyze. At the same time, analysts are managing a huge influx of unstructured visual data from drone footage, downhole sensors, and other internet-enabled field technology.

Due to this ever increasing repository of visual assets, analysts are unable to leverage huge portions of their data when making high-risk and high-stakes decisions. For example, an analyst looking to acquire a piece of land may have 90 days to give an estimate of value. The land is in a region that is restricted to exploration, but her company has documents from prospecting the area years ago—in paper files that were recently digitized with no attached metadata. In this situation, her buying offer is determined by whatever she finds manually searching through digital documents and a fair amount of guesswork.

With ZVI, an analyst with no special training can maximize the value of her company’s visual assets with machine learning, whether they are scanned paper files or unstructured images. Data quality can be enhanced by matching known metadata and external databases to the assets, so they can be easily searched based on a range of metrics including date prospected, well type, basin, GPS location, and more. ZVI’s flexibility allows the analyst to search and inspect millions of visual assets across fragmented data silos in minutes, all accessible in an intuitive interface.

To inform her purchasing decision, she can pull relevant information from dark data in minutes based on optical character recognition correlated with GPS data. Searching a particular region will give her a comprehensive view of the well logs, microphotography, core photography, progress charts, seismic profiles, and anything else that she might need to assess value of the specific area, regardless of where that data is stored. ZVI automatically organizes incoming visual assets including seismic surveys, land lease agreements, planning documents, and maintenance records so they can be searched quickly at any time.

As a partner to oil and gas companies, Zorroa enables customers to future proof their investment in artificial intelligence with the most up-to-date technology, on-location or in the cloud. See what Zorroa Visual Intelligence can do for your company.