Making AI and machine learning accessible for everyone. 
The “Why.”

AI and ML have historically been reserved for the most well-funded enterprise initiatives. ML integration requires significant investments in time, hardware, and expensive consultants to design the applications. They’re extremely difficult to update once built, and a team can be locked into technical capabilities of a single vendor. We wanted to change all of that. 

Our Story.

Founded in Berkeley, California in 2014, Zorroa set out to make AI and machine learning (ML) accessible to teams of all sizes. We are a diverse team of Emmy and Academy Award-winning technologists, data scientists, and media industry veterans dedicated to breaking down the barriers of ML adoption through no-code ML. Zorroa is backed by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI fund.

AI/ML for everyone.

Enter no-code machine learning. Zorroa’s SaaS platform was built by and for media technologists—engineers, product managers, and technology integrators who are tasked to modernize stages of the content management chain using AI/ML but don’t have the time or the resources to implement the tech.

With a suite of pre-trained models and a GUI-based workflow, Zorroa is introducing agility, predictability, and the experimental nature of software development into the ML workflow.

Our patents.

Our intelligence solutions have been awarded multiple patents for our ML work with visual search, sequence matches, similarity hash vectors, and optical character recognition.

Our team.

Through decades of experience leading media technology at companies including Weta Digital, Marvel, Pixar, Technicolor, Nvidia, and Autodesk, our team of experts has worked on the world's most challenging media projects. As a team that has faced their own obstacles productionizing AI/ML at scale, we were driven to create a solution that could make ML accessible and flexible. It turns out, you can build a pretty great product when the team that’s building it has experienced the challenges they’re solving for, first hand.




Founded in 2014, Zorroa's technology team brings over 100 years of experience and innovation to make AI and machine learning accessible for organizations of all sizes. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s early-stage AI fund, and Iron Mountain.

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