Zorroa is partnering with the Google Machine Learning Team at IBC 2018

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Zorroa will be demonstrating our Intelligent Video Archive Search solution developed with the Google Machine Learning team in the Google booth at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam.  Using the YouTube-8M Dataset, Intelligent Video Search demonstrates how the Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI) framework and UI put search in the hands of the customers of Google’s end-to-end video machine learning system for Media & Entertainment.

Zorroa Visual Intelligence enables Media & Entertainment companies to analyze massive video repositories offering easy-to-use, instantaneous visual asset search and browsing

Editorial staff typically manage these extensive video archives, a manual process requiring many hours of costly editorial time – both on the front end when tagging the video files, and then when searching through the archive. Google machine learning algorithms make the process of automatically tagging consistent and fast, and Zorroa provides a framework integrating other algorithms and data sources, enhancing that metadata and providing an intuitive visual search interface. The original assets stay in place, while the search and analysis can be done through the ZVI database, allowing for a level of security and speed that M&E clients require.

Find your needle in the haystack - fast

Users can quickly and efficiently mine and monetize huge volumes of videos – essentially post-processing their archive. Additional existing metadata such as captions are also easily searchable. Unique features such as saved searches, similarity search, multiple criteria drill-downs, and permissioning make this an ideal solution across an entire organization – from marketing teams to the creative departments.

The demonstration is a testament to the capabilities and deployment speed of the Zorroa Visual Intelligence platform. The Google and Zorroa teams met two weeks ago and conceived the plan using Google algorithms to analyze the well known YouTube-8M Dataset. Zorroa then used the extracted data from a subset of these videos to create the solution being shown at IBC, and the teams plan significant further improvements to follow.

Zorroa & Google @ 

Zorroa will demonstrate its Video Archive Search solution in the Google booth (Hall 14 - E02) at IBC September 14-18 in the “Intelligent Archive” area. There will be a joint theater presentation with the Google team on Friday September 14th at 5pm in the Google booth: “Google ML enabled Video Archive Search with Zorroa Visual Intelligence”