The Upside of Choosing the Right Accelerator Program For Your Startup

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Zorroa joined 135 companies in Plug and Play Tech Center’s spring batch this year and after a great 12 weeks in the Supply Chain program in Sunnyvale, California, we identified the top five reasons why the experience far exceeded our expectations. So if you’re on the fence about which accelerator to work with, here’s why we would encourage you to look at the Plug and Play innovation platform.

1. Business Development

The most valuable benefit of working with Plug and Play Tech Center was the increased speed of obtaining sales qualified leads. Plug and Play’s demo days

  • bring your target audience to you;
  • put you in the spotlight to deliver your business pitch; and
  • allow you to connect with businesses whose needs align with your product or solution.

You can also rely on Plug and Play’s influence to arrange dealflows with qualified sales leads who are actively evaluating solutions that your company offers.

2. Mentoring

Each batch has a mentor program designed to match industry experts with startups that explore ways your business can address the pain points of the industry. They help accelerate your knowledge of the industry, hone your market positioning, and define the value proposition your business can offer.

3. Partner Ecosystem

With 280 Corporate partners and over 200 Venture Capital partners, the Plug and Play ecosystem opens doors for your business you may not have had access to. Whether it’s seed funding or VAR opportunities, the abundance of partners helps keep you informed of which direction to steer your business and validate your go-to-market strategy. You can also leverage Plug and Play’s global offices as well as global partners based on the location of your target customers.

4. Support

The staff and partners at Plug and Play show a genuine interest in your success and are very willing and able to connect you with the resources you’re looking for. Whether it’s marketing or financial support, you have access to experts who will train you on best practices and pitfalls to avoid that will give you the best chance of success for running your business. If you haven’t already distilled your business pitch down to 60 seconds, it’s a good time to prepare for the “Minute to Pitch It” video you’ll create to kick off your marketing efforts.

5. Networking

Whether or not networking is a new concept for your business, you’ll find yourself surrounded with other like-minded startups at Plug and Play. They can be a valuable source of peer-to-peer feedback in learning what is working and what is not working for their businesses. You never know if those other startups might turn out to be potential customers down the line or strategic partners, but building those relationships with them early could pay off dividends for your business in the long run.


We’re thankful for the opportunity and learning experience we’ve gained from participating with Plug and Play. Even though we’ve graduated from the Supply Chain program, you can still catch us at the Enterprise 2.0 demo day during the Summer Summit which runs June 11th to 13th.