How to Fail at Coffee Machine Design

Like most software startups, Zorroa considers coffee to be a critical element to a productive workspace. For our team, good coffee at the push of a button can make a huge difference in the time it takes to get through a development sprint or pull together an event plan. We consider ourselves pretty tech savvy [...]

Article / 20 Jun 2019

The Upside of Choosing the Right Accelerator Program For Your Startup

Zorroa joined 135 companies in Plug and Play Tech Center’s spring batch this year and after a great 12 weeks in the Supply Chain program in Sunnyvale, California, we identified the top five reasons why the experience far exceeded our expectations. So if you’re on the fence about which accelerator to work with, here’s why [...]

Partners / 23 May 2019

Zorroa appoints former Autodesk executive Marc Stevens CEO as company brings Visual Intelligence Solutions to multiple markets

OAKLAND, Calif., April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zorroa Corp., the world’s leader in enterprise Visual Intelligence, today announced the appointment of Marc Stevens to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer. The move enables the Founder and former CEO Dan Wexler to transition to a full-time role as Chief Technology Officer. Marc comes to [...]

Press Release / 03 Apr 2019

"Innovating the future of the business landscape in Utah while building communities that will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs"

  This month, Utah Business Magazine (UBM) featured Amber Sawaya, our EVP of UX & Product, in this year’s edition of their 40 Under 40 Awards. Success throughout her career has earned Amber this well-deserved recognition and we are proud to have her as a leader at Zorroa. “I appreciate being recognized by Utah Business [...]

Article, Media Mention / 20 Feb 2019

“From Oscar to AI: Mining Visual Assets for Fun and Profit”

Unstructured data, such as videos, images, and Word and PDF documents, largely lives outside of structured databases, which can make it tough to corral. Instead of using SQL or a NoSQL query language to interrogate it, unstructured data can’t be directly queried. To get value out of unstructured data, one typically has to run it [...]

Media Mention / 22 Jan 2019

8 million videos analyzed by Google Machine Learning to create an Intelligent Archive - A race to the finish

The developers at Zorroa are always up for a challenge - the bigger the better. So when the team at Google approached us about using our Zorroa Visual Intelligence platform to demonstrate their latest and greatest video analysis algorithms, we said absolutely. The conversation went sort of like this: Google:     Can Zorroa help us [...]

Partners, Zorroa Platform / 10 Oct 2018

Zorroa is partnering with the Google Machine Learning Team at IBC 2018

Zorroa will be demonstrating our Intelligent Video Archive Search solution developed with the Google Machine Learning team in the Google booth at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam.  Using the YouTube-8M Dataset, Intelligent Video Search demonstrates how the Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI) framework and UI put search in the hands of the customers of Google’s end-to-end video [...]

Zorroa Platform / 13 Sep 2018

Zorroa's Visual Search Platform for the Media & Entertainment Industry

This week, we are heading back to the world’s leading computed graphics conference - SIGGRAPH. The team at Zorroa has deep roots in the film, animation, visual effects, and graphics industry - some on our team having attended SIGGRAPH for over 25 years. The Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI) platform was created to help businesses in [...]

Article / 13 Aug 2018

Zorroa: Starting a New Chapter in Our Story

Blazing the Visual Intelligence trail Our company recently completed a major round of funding led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund. This funding secures the resources we will need for the next several years, but the investment is not simply a matter of money. The funding is validation of the Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI) [...]

Article / 01 Aug 2018

“Above the Trend Line”

In new funding news, we learned … Zorroa Corp., the company behind the first search and analysis platform able to automatically extract intelligence from visual assets and apply insights to data-driven business processes, has closed a $7M funding round. The round was led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused, early-stage venture fund with participation from a [...]

Media Mention / 30 Jul 2018