“From Oscar to AI: Mining Visual Assets for Fun and Profit”

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Unstructured data, such as videos, images, and Word and PDF documents, largely lives outside of structured databases, which can make it tough to corral. Instead of using SQL or a NoSQL query language to interrogate it, unstructured data can’t be directly queried. To get value out of unstructured data, one typically has to run it through some type of machine learning algorithm.

That’s essentially what Wexler is doing at Zorroa, which he co-founded in 2014 with Beth Loughney, the company’s executive chair.  Instead of building the imagery used in animated films, Zorroa’s software excels at picking that imagery apart and transforming it into text, which can then be indexed and analyzed using more traditional tools.

Unstructured data accounts for 70% of all data being generated at the moment, by some estimates, with video being called the biggest data source of all. But from the perspective of traditional BI tools like PowerBI and Tableau, that data is largely “dark data” that can’t be tapped for useful decision-making.

Zorroa has a handful of early customer success stories in the entertainment, energy exploration, and financial services industries. With those early wins under its belt, it’s now open to exploring solutions for customers in other industries too.

Excerpts from the full article posted on www.datanami.com